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La Cour Noire

The Black Court

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Welcome to the Black Court (uppity sounding eh?) This is a community for the Queens, Kings, Dukes, and Duchesses of the gothroyalty community. If you are here that means you have been chosen as an exceptional member, embodying almost all of the ideals we imagined when creating the Goth Royalty community. This means that in your dress, mannerisms, participation, and sense of humor you have what it takes to be truly the royalist of the royal. This in no way overshadows the members of our sister community, it just means you are the cream of the crop among the cream of the crop and have now been deemed worthy (yeah you are taking this to be tongue in cheek right?) to be in the upper Escalon. Members here will be able to talk freely without fear of being labeled as snobs or elitists about things within our sister community (or the gothic scene/lifestyle in general), help make suggestions/decisions for the Goth Royalty community, and bask in the glow that you are a true super uber dork..er...goth. =) Pretty much anything goes here, just try to make all comments about our sister community/the people in it constructive, we are not here to talk doodoo, just here to make sure things are kept interesting and fun. We are also here to socialize like the elite club of spooksters that we are. You must be invited to join here, no exceptions. If someone from the Goth Royalty community should want to join, they must "come before the court". This means they must make a plea on the Goth Royalty community stating why they should be let in here, what they can contribute, and they then are to site *exceptional* picture examples of themselves/thier art/their house/anything they think will help prove them as upper uber gothy monarchy. Anyone wanting to join must be ready to handle extreme criticism. Also please remember this is all in fun, we are not total snobs, it's just a fun little inside joke sort of thing to be in any of these communities, so don't take us too seriously, god knows we don't.

Attention members:
If you notice a TROLL in gothroyalty please post this stamp to the post asap and notify a mod: